KITPLUS PetPal Robot



  • App Control & 4K Camera: The KITPLUS PetPal Robot provides a smooth application control interface without any latency, enabling users to easily operate and navigate the robot from any location worldwide using their smartphone. 
  • Two-way Communication: Maintain interpersonal connections with your close acquaintances regardless of geographical location.

  • Diverse Interactive Features: The PetPal Robot provides users with a selection of five dynamic movement modes, designed to give a wide range of engaging activities for pets. Additionally, it includes a collection of nine authentic pet sounds, intended to stimulate curiosity and captivate their attention.

  • Tumbler Design & Mobility: The ingenious tumbler design of the Petpal Robot guarantees little downtime. When it descends, it promptly regains its footing, prepared to resume the enjoyment.

  • Automatic Return to Charge, Even Across Rooms: There is no need for concern about the depletion of power in the Petpal Robot, even when it is situated in a different room.