About us

At KITPLUS, we are dedicated to making pet parenting more manageable and enjoyable for pet parents everywhere. Our team, made up of experienced pet parents with backgrounds in veterinary services, technology, and finance, is devoted to animal welfare and creating high-quality products that bring out the best in your furry friends. From intelligent grooming supplies to smart devices for remote control, our mission is to create innovative products that make it simpler for you to take care of your pets, one paw at a time.


"Spoil your pets with smart love!"

We also believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the world. That's why we are committed to being a sustainable enterprise and using eco-friendly materials in our products. We also support stray animals and pet shelters through donations and collaborations with influencers


KITPLUS Petopia - A World Where All Animals are Embraced

We're all about giving animals the love they deserve! That's why we team up with animal protection organizations for KITPLUS PET DAY (happening on the 5th of every month). In 2024, our goal is to save even more furry friends. Follow us on Instagram for all the feels and tails.



Join the KITPLUS Petopia Family

We see a world where we can help all street cats and dogs by donating pet dryers and water dispensers to shelters and collaborating with influencers who help stray animals. Contact us by letting us know more about your benevolent efforts so we can support this cause.


We hope you enjoy browsing our store and find what you need! Thanks for being part of our family.