KITPLUS Dryerbot Pet Hair Dryer Box

1. Variable air speed ranging from 35-50 decibels enables for a peaceful drying experience.
2. Smart, locking mechanism for secure access and self-opening door for convenient use.
3. Temperature can be set to desired level for personalized results
4.This dryer box offers a spacious volume of 71 liters, designed for pets up to 35 lbs.
5. Includes ionic technology for sleek, smooth hair.
6. Sanitizing with dual UV & ozone sterilization technology.
7. 360-degree air flow for optimal air circulation.
8. Automated temperature regulation and thermal protection for reliability and comfort
The detachable front door of the KITPLUS Dryerbot Pet Hair Dryer Box can be adjusted to keep pets warm in winter or cool in summer, and also acts as a bed.