KITPLUS x CATLINK SmartScoop Cat Litter Box 2023 Pro-X

$459.99 Regular price $629.99
Introducing the KITPLUS x CATLINK SmartScoop cat litter box 2023 Pro-X , the ultimate solution to keep your feline friend's litter box hygienic and odor-free. This self-cleaning litter box is designed with innovative features to make your life easier.

Key features:

  • Self-cleaning litter box with ambient lighting, temperature and humidity sensors, and a light sensor.
  • Gravity sensor to prevent litter box from shifting or toppling
  • Anti-pinch sensors for added safety
  • Smart detection ensures cleaning only after your cat has exited the box
  • Supports multiple cats
  • Syncs with mobile app for manual, automatic, emptying, and timed cleaning modes
  • Identify multiple cats’ unique weight with the multi-cat identification function

Experience a hassle-free way of managing your cat's litter box with KITPLUS x CATLINK SmartScoop cat litter box Pro-X. Give your furry friend a comfortable and hygienic place to do their business.